Success Stories

Arizona Motor Vehicle Division

The AstreaX team leveraged our deep technical capabilities and strong subject matter expertise in motor vehicle modernization to assist the Arizona Department of Transportation in implementing a cutting-edge platform to serve the driver and vehicle ecosystem in Arizona.  The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) platform was built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and was highlighted in a Microsoft customer success story.

The MVD platform consists of 3 primary components: the underlying enterprise system (named Max), the consumer portal which serves as an Arizona citizen’s web portal to perform transactions, and citizen identity/authentication.  Max provides some amazing features that are very unique to government such as having the ability to maintain a credit balance, fraud detection capabilities, correspondence and messaging, and the ability to begin a transaction online and complete that transaction at a later date either in-person or online.  Additionally, Max is a fully integrated finance system which greatly reduced the amount time people had to spend reconciling between the MVD legacy system and the State’s accounting system.    

Sitting atop Max is the consumer portal which allows Arizona citizens to transact with the MVD online easily and safely.  The consumer portal allows citizens to renew their driver license or ID card, renew their car registration, perform 90% of the steps needed to obtain a REAL ID (the remaining 10% must be completed in-person by law), and even securely transfer your car title to another party.  Previously car title transfers required the two parties to meet in-person with a notary present but with the consumer portal, this can now be done securely online from the comfort of your home.  

And last but certainly not least, the citizen identity/authentication component that verifies your digital identity so you, and only you, can access a range of relevant government services without having a separate login for each system.  By establishing the MVD as the digital identity authority, citizens have the ability to use a single login to interact with all government systems at the State, County, or Municipal level and only share the information they choose.  This provides a more secure way for citizens to access government services and gives governments a clearer picture on how to better serve their citizens.  

If you think we can help you with a driver or vehicle services systems modernization effort or anything DMV-related, we’d love to hear from you.

Large Mortgage Software Provider

AstreaX serves as an advisor and a key software development partner for one of the largest mortgage software providers in the US.  Our relationship with this customer spans many years and is built on a foundation of trust, strong software development delivery, and strong leadership.  

We began with this customer supporting a single product they had acquired that was outside of their in-house development capabilities.  Given the quality and success that our team was able to provide developing code and implementing our software development processes, the customer leadership team took notice and engaged us to get involved with other products they felt could benefit from our expertise.  The software products we support for this customer range from on-premise implementations to enterprise scale multi-tenant software-as-a-service solutions.  

Beyond just writing code, our leadership team plays a very active role in assisting this customer in their goal to constantly improve their product offerings and to be innovation leaders in the mortgage software market.  In addition to our technical staff supporting this customer, we also provide leadership roles including management of all architects and developers as well as serving as strategic advisors to the President and CEO.

If you think AstreaX can help your business, we’d love to hear from you.

Non-Profit Education Organization

AstreaX is currently engaged with a large non-profit organization that connects Arizona K-12 private school tax credit program donors, eligible schools, families looking to enroll their child or children into a private school through the tax credit program, and client staff.  When our client was unable to find a commercial software product that could provide the functionality and end-user experience desired, they engaged AstreaX to build a custom solution.

Our end-to-end solution includes an easy-to-use web portal with secure login for donors, schools, perspective students, and client staff.  Our solution also manages all the intake, operational management, and disbursement of funds while providing an excellent end user experience and meeting all the State’s tax credit program requirements.

The AstreaX solution was built using Microsoft technologies and is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud so there was no need to build out a costly on-premise infrastructure.  

AstreaX built this solution from the ground up using leading technologies such as C#.NET, Entity Framework, AngularJS, SendGrid for individualized and newsletter style emails, Microsoft MVC and QuickBooks. Our solution is built in a way that it can be easily enhanced or extended and provides a very intuitive end-user experience.

If you think AstreaX can help your non-profit organization, we’d love to hear from you.

Large Senior Living Organization

AstreaX works closely with a very large senior living organization with communities throughout the United States and China.  We built a web-based software solution that enables a host of features and functionality focused on supporting the organization’s employees.  Our solution includes a learning center, policy tracking capabilities, standards setting and tracking, a company vision portal, and an employee portal.  Additionally, our solution was built with a localization/globalization component to support employees in both English and Chinese (depending on their preferred language).

The learning center helps employees stay sharp and upskill by managing online and self-paced classes as well as instructor led in-person classes.  Our software provides class schedules in any easy-to-use calendar view, tracks progress for those enrolled, as well as reporting, alerting, and compliance capabilities.  

The policy tracking component of our solution tracks the different policies that need to be read and attested to by the employee for all employee types.  This includes one-time and recurring policy acknowledgments.  The software also sends reminders, alerts for non-compliance, and provides reporting capabilities.

The standards setting and tracking component allows for quality standards checklists to be created centrally and easily shared with all of department heads and executive directors across the country.  Previously this was a manual process for our customer and could take several months but using our solution that process is now completed in a matter of weeks.  

The company vision portal enables centralized content creation and publishing of that content to the relevant retirement communities for the benefit of community residents.  This provides a mechanism for community residents to stay informed and up to date. It provides a common set of goals, a consistent vision for all company-run communities, and provides highlights for those communities with special services to offer. 

Last but certainly not least is the employee portal which enables employees to interact, trade ideas and experiences with one another.  The employee portal provides announcements, surveys, tracking of projects, commitments, and requests. It also allows employees to earn virtual badges for going above and beyond for their community.  These virtual badges have proven to be a huge factor in improved employee engagement and morale.  All features of the employee portal are combined into a personalized portfolio for each associate to help with annual reviews, assist with goal setting, and progress tracking.

AstreaX built this solution from the ground up using leading technologies such as C#.NET, Entity Framework, AngularJS, Twilio for text messaging capabilities, and Microsoft MVC. Our solution is built in a way that it can be easily enhanced or extended and provides a very intuitive end-user experience.  

If you think AstreaX can help your business or non-profit organization, we’d love to hear from you.